Maintaining the TruPoint Accounting & Tax Culture

TruPoint Accounting & Tax is well known as a leader in the accounting and tax industry. To maintain that reputation, we work hard to train every associate on our standards for customer service, cleanliness, safety, teamwork, marketing, accounting and tax laws. This training is essential to our success and essential to helping our staff members achieve their own success.

Training is provided in two venues:

  • Through onsite and offsite training from office managers
  • In onsite computer training available in the office

From the Basics to the Specifics

Some training is as basic as how to speak to a client or what forms to use for different clients. There are thousands of skills being taught in our offices each day.

Some training is more difficult, such as courses in Accounting, Bookkeeping and Taxation.

And then there are the more abstract skills that we try to teach as clearly as possible, such as Mastering Effective Communication and Marketing Procedures.

When staff members feel they have mastered the skills in one position and want to advance to an entry-level management position or into a higher management position, they can notify the company of their interest.

For Every Step of the Way