Internship Program

TruPoint Accounting & Tax is a leader in experiential education and thrives on facilitating connections between students and employers. As a Program intern, you’ll spend your time with us learning about the accounting and tax industry gaining invaluable experience working on challenging projects at a leading organization.



We view internships as a unique learning experience for building professionals. We’ve designed our program in a way that enables students to test lessons learned in class, become aware of their obligations as professionals and to the public, and acquaint themselves with different work environments.



We offer challenging assignments that result in beneficial outcomes for your career and valuable experience.



Interns will have a space to work prior to their first day. Open communication and sharing of constructive feedback will hone skills and enable interns to meet or exceed expectations. Interns will be exposed to the inner workings of our organization and share industry insights so that students may affirm or modify their career aspirations.



At TruPoint Accounting & Tax, we create a positive learning environment in which our interns may test their classroom theories. Credit-bearing internships include a minimum of 85% substantive duties and no more than 15% clerical tasks. Internships extend for a minimum of 14 weeks and require at least five (5) hours of work per week. Workplace evaluations will be assessed.


At TruPoint Accounting & Tax, students may earn both academic credit through their school and compensation for their internships. 

As an employer offering commission based internships, we comply with the Fair Labor Standards Act. We include opportunities such as Mentoring programs, specialized training, and access to special events, and complimentary meals.