How to Apply

Join Our Office Team

So you’d like to work in one of the career positions in our Offices, but you’re not sure what options you have. First, take a look at the job description chart  to familiarize yourself with the different choices available. Then check out the Career Offices Page to determine the TruPoint Accounting & Tax Office where you would most like to work. When you’ve decided which positions interest you and which TruPoint Accounting & Tax is the most convenient, check out our Critical Openings. These are only a sample of the openings in our Offices, but they are the ones we are working hardest to fill immediately. Armed with that information, go to the Office of your choice and look for the Online Hiring Center. The OHC, as we call it, is an online center available from any web browser.

You must apply in person to be considered for any position in our Offices. The OHC allows you to apply for as many positions as you want, regardless of whether there is an opening at the Office where you apply. That’s because managers at nearby TruPoint Accounting & Tax Offices — where there may be openings — can view your application. Therefore, you don’t need to submit an application at any other TruPoint Accounting & Tax.

Once you’ve finished applying, email your resume to Stop by the Live Chat on our website to ask for a manager and briefly share why you would make a great TruPoint Accounting & Tax associate.

Why We Want You to Apply in Person

We ask people who want to work in our Offices to apply in person, at an Office, for three reasons.

  • We want job seekers to have the opportunity to speak with a person if they have questions about working at TruPoint Accounting & Tax or about our application process.
  • We prefer that job seekers experience the environment in our Offices before deciding whether TruPoint Accounting & Tax is a good fit for them and whether they are a good fit for us.
  • We want to know if someone is nearby and ready to work.

For Every Step of the Way