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TruPoint Accounting and Tax, LLC, focuses on providing insights and resources that assist with emerging and growing businesses by providing professional services, tools, and any relevant information that allows you to make sound business decisions in a complex and ever-changing marketplace.

TruPoint Accounting and Tax, LLC provides businesses with the tools needed to accelerate market growth, build and sustain media presence and much more.

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Business Startup

Business Licensing
– 2 hour Consultation
– Filing Articles of Incorporation/Organization
– Fictitious Name Filing
– Federal Identification Number
– Sales Tax Registration & Epay setup
– Free domain registration (.com)

Business Plan

  • Business Management and Company Handbook
  • Strategic Asset Management
  • Marketing, Sales & Business Development
  • Research and Compliance
  • *Use promotion code: “TPATPLAN” for up to 50% OFF!

Contract Agreements

One way to be sure that each person on the board is clear on his or her responsibilities is to adopt “contracts” into your business. Contracts outline explicitly what is expected of individuals associated with your business, and how the organization will in turn be responsible to them.

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