Most of the jobs supporting our offices are based at our corporate headquarters in Orlando, Florida; though many are on field support teams in our 3 states of operation.


The major departments in our Corporate Offices include the following:

• Accounting
• Billing
• Finance
• Human Resources
• Information Technology

• Marketing
• Research & Development
• Sales
• Royalties
• Tax


Our Corporate teams:
• respond to the thousands of customers who email, write, phone, or fax us with compliments, questions, suggestions or complaints
• evaluate new services each year and letting customers know about discounts or rate increases
• oversee our supply chain to monitor inventories in our offices, and work-from-home staff
• buy property and designing new stores
• develop strategies to reduce losses or accidents incurred by our staff members, our customers, and our company
• design and facilitating training programs
• administer a wide array of staff member perk programs
• help manage our vast technological resources, and
• make sure our company upholds our legal and ethical obligations.


Our Corporate headquarters in Orlando consists of our 1 main office and several smaller facilities. We have divisional offices in Atlanta and Texas.

For information about our Internship Program, go to the Internship Program page.

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