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TruPoint Accounting and Tax, LLC, knows that all each business deals with their own set of challenges. For that reason, we work with each client to develop solutions that offer insurance and risk management assistance based on your specific needs and objectives. Our dedicated teams of professionals who specialize in specific industries will help businesses within these industries to better understand, identify problematic concerns and other ways to protect against challenges.

We specialize in a number of industries, including:
• Entertainment
• Technology
• Restaurants
• Hospitality
• Non Profit Organizations
• Real Estate
• Manufacturing
• Construction
• Healthcare Facilities
• International

We offer guidelines on strategic planning to address the development of interactive technologies in other media that not only provides the high quality experience for the public but helps protect content, secure rights to better sustain business objectives. More info…

We offer cost-effective solutions that allow you to manage increasing and changing regulations in order to minimize costs and maintain technological services to the public. More info…

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