There is abundant opportunity to advance your career at TruPoint Accounting & Tax. Staff members are promoted each year into positions leading to management, and are promoted into management positions at our offices. Hundreds more are promoted into corporate, information technology, and marketing roles in the company.

A Rewarding Career

TruPoint Accounting & Tax promotions into management not only reward staff members with bigger paychecks and holiday bonuses, they also bring larger retail quarterly bonuses. Average earnings range from $47,000 per year for entry-level managers to $119,000 per year for office managers.

The higher a staff members pay, the more shares of company stock that staff member receives in a retirement account at no cost. The accumulating value of this account is a major incentive to stay at TruPoint Accounting & Tax for a long time.

Promoting from Within

We promote from within to fill all office manager positions because we want to be sure our leaders are fully aware of our standards, our best practices, and our culture. Only in rare instances do we consider external candidates for an assistant department manager opening. That doesn’t mean outside candidates with accounting and tax management experience have to start in an entry-level position. They may be hired into positions leading to management, making them eligible to be considered for management positions in as little as six months. Please review our career paths for more information.

Registration of Interest

TruPoint Accounting & Tax is dedicated to ensuring that all staff members have an equal opportunity for advancement. That’s why we have a clear-cut selection process to fill our management positions and our 3 Positions Leading to Management (PLM). Any current staff member interested in advancement may seek promotion into PLMs or into management positions. Staff members can register each year:

  • PLMs registration is available throughout the year.
  • Registration for interest in management positions is held at least twice a year. April and September.


Once you register your interest, the human resources department checks to see if you meet the minimum qualifications for the positions you seek. Minimum qualifications are published for every management position and every PLM, and include any requirements for:

  • Minimum age
  • Previous work experience
  • Driver’s license
  • Testing required for management positions


Regional and district managers use the list of qualified staff members to determine who will fill PLM and management vacancies across the company. Scores on a battery of formal assessments are an important factor.

How to Apply

If you are a TruPoint Accounting & Tax staff member, please use the Registration of Interest process to seek management opportunities. Our Certification Reimbursement Program can help you start or continue your career.

If you are not a TruPoint Accounting & Tax staff member, learn the main reasons why working at TruPoint Accounting & Tax is a pleasure, including a healthy list of perks. We invite you to apply in a TruPoint Accounting & Tax office of your choice for a staff member position. And there’s likely one nearby. If you’re hired, you will need to work at least six months in a full-time role before seeking a management opportunity.

For Every Step of the Way