The Better Way to Get Your Tax Return Done

In home. Online. In stores.

TruPoint Accounting and Tax, LLC, takes your uploaded transactions and related documents online – without adding to your travel time or changing how you work. Due to our fast paced world, we provide solutions that guarantee accurate, reliable, convenient services to meet all your needs.

Our dedicated team of professionals provide live assistance. Try it out.

  • Upload your paperwork by scan, email, or direct upload using our secure client portal. Basically prepare your taxes without traveling.
  • Access documents from any computer, any browser, anywhere at anytime.
  • Stay organized with an “Items Needed” checklist for preparing your tax return.
  • Receive notifications through email, text, or telephone that informs you of the completion process
  • Getting started is 100% free and offers up to 40% discount that makes it affordable for all.

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